The beginning of a story 50 years old

Founded in Portugal on October 11, 1969, Cordex's roots and origins can be traced back to the early 1960's.

The story begins with Manuel Armando Pereira, President of the Board of Directors of Cordex, and with a small company on behalf of SOFIOS, a producer of cotton yarns for packaging and other yarns in the early 60's.

As the business grew more and more, SOFIOS sisal ropes and cords began to be manufactured. In order to be competitive with the big manufacturers, Manuel Armando knew that there had to be strategic partnerships and that there had to be a sisteram with another premises company. This is how the story of the founding of Cordex Companhia Industrial Textil SA begins



Agriculture as a focus

Cordex focus was the production of sisal yarn, which is still produced today. But only the production of synthetic ropes in the 70's allowed Cordex to face the competition from other manufacturers during this difficult and turbulent time.



In the 1980s, Cordex started its factory to modernize completely. The entire infrastructure and organization of the company was changed and the production of synthetic baler twine for agricultural use began to pay off. With the focus on reinvestment and continuous modernization, the production of flexible foam also started.

nineteen ninety

Manufacturing quality recognition


With a solid foundation in place, the 1990s began with strong, continuous growth. Cordex continued to expand its product line into industrial rope applications and commenced production of multifilament yarn, in which the company pampered two of the latest techniques. High Tensile Poly-Steel was now restored, leading to the production of High-Tech Yarns in the Telecom Industry; an important consideration for Cordex as the Internet is quickly becoming such an important facility.

In 1997, Cordex maintained the ISO 9002 certification after verifying its commitment to quality products, service and organization. In the same year, CORDEX SGPS (Cordex Group) was formed and investments and strategies in other branches begin to take shape.


Entry of Cordex into the Brazilian market

In February 2000 the plan was realized to produce sisal yarn in Brazil. Two years later, CORDEBRAS starts producing in Salvador Bahia, Brazil. The company brought Cordex fell after the raw material source and enabled a great competitive advantage in the market.



Confirming Cordex as a global company

CORDENET was founded just two years later. The latest looms were bought from Germany and the production of round bale nets was in full swing. This expansion enabled Cordex to offer a complete line of crop product wrapping to a broader audience. Cordex currently produces bale nets in addition to sisal and synthetic yarns, making it one of the first companies in the world to offer this range of products.

In October 2009, Cordex North America was established with offices in the United States and Canada to establish long-term relationships with our friends in North America. Today there are fully staffed sales offices in 6 countries around the world including the UK.

Over the past 40 years, Cordex has grown into a small but diverse global company with over 600 employees, selling its products in 55 countries worldwide. As we look forward to a future of new and exciting possibilities, we will continue to develop innovative, value-added products and invest in information technologies that will provide invaluable value to our customers



We are celebrating our 50th anniversary

On October 11, 2019 Cordex celebrated its 50th anniversary.

On this historic date, it is time to remember Cordex's founder, Manuel Armando Pereira, and all those who have selflessly contributed to what Cordex is today.

Manuel Armando founded Cordex on October 11, 1969. His dream was to found a mechanica rope factory and to make it one of the world's leading manufacturers.

He fulfilled this dream, took risks and wandered through unknown places, places without a compass.

“We are all visitors of this time, this place. We're just passing through. Our goal is to watch, grow, love... And then we go home. 

The people at Cordex are enthusiastic, strong and energetic. That power Cordex to a successful company! With this adaptable and positive attitude, growth is inevitable...and that makes Cordex a stronger company.



Cordex Eco – Zero Waste

In 2022, Cordex reaches a milestone in terms of sustainability and is a 𝗭𝗲𝗿𝗼 𝗪𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲 certified company. This certification provides independent assurance that we are committed to responsible waste management policies.   

The main objectives are based on reduction, reuse and recycling, with a focus on waste management, which is usually destined for landfill. By adopting measures aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Cordex aims to help prevent and combat climate change.


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