Cordex is a responsible and committed organization that has always been committed to environmental protection and social responsibility. All ECO themes such as sustainability, energy policy, waste and recycling are seen as a priority.

As an industry, we are fully committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and recognize our role in the mission to care for and preserve humanity's only home: planet EARTH. We do this for a greener future. Every day, with you, everyone together to achieve a better future together. Being sustainable is an important mission for us to bring the best products and guarantee the usual performance and quality.

Cordexeco - What is it made of?

Cordex Eco was founded to help employees, customers, suppliers, partners and society understand that Cordex is a responsible company that always considers the environment. We implement sustainability measures in line with the European Union's Sustainable Development Goals to combat climate change. 


We are a Zero Waste certified company.

This certification gives us the assurance that we are committed to a responsible waste management policy. 

Our main goals are reduction, reuse and recycling, focusing on waste management solutions that eliminate waste that normally ends up in landfill.


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